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Other Film Work

On Meeting An Agent is a series of eight short animations based on the experiences of a robot debut novelist called Roland and his attempts to secure a literary agent. Any similarities to the human Roland Denning are entirely coincidental although, it has to be said, both wrote a book called The Beach Beneath The Pavement. These films have become surprisingly popular - in fact much more popular than my book. They were made very quickly using a web-based animation tool called xtranormal (which I believe no longer exists).

On Meeting Agent Chapters 1 to 5   10 mins 2011

On Meeting Agent Chapters 6 to 8     8 mins 2011

THAT’S DOGS FOR YOU      18mins  2019

A tragicomedy in three acts, inspired by Brexit, in a universe that lies somewhere between Beckett and panto. Based on short sketch performed at the Cockpit Theatre’s Festival of Brexit in 2019.  

Featuring Howard Lee and Simon Holmes. Music by Ed Dowie. 

Written, shot, directed and edited by me.

THE WINDOW BLIND FILMS     6 x 3 minutes   2020

During lockdown I made a series of silent films featuring my window blind. You could call them structuralist films if you really wanted to. 

Here are three of them.

  Window Blind 1                                                                  Window Blind 3                                                         Window Blind 6

CHRISTMAS CARDS   - what I send out to friends at Christmas:

                                    2020                                                                            2021                                                                    2022


VOICE OVER   1983/16mm/105 mins

A low budget feature I shot for Chris Monger in 1983 released on October 24th 2011 by the BFI on DVD and Blu-ray. It also includes the even lower budget feature REPEATER (1979) which I also shot.

For Chris I also filmed the TV drama CRIME PAYS (1986) as well as the TV arts specials THE MABINOGI (1983) and THE PEOPLE SHOW IN STARWASHED (1984).

All the above shot on standard 16mm