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FILM WORK that does not fit into other categories can be found HERE.

This page is for all the stuff I do which isn’t filmmaking or writing.


THE PEOPLE SHOW. Privileged to be asked to put together some archive material for The People Show’s 137th production at Southwark Playhouse. I ran it on an old TV in a small installation in an alcove off the bar.


A photo exhibition at Mario’s Café of pictures I’ve taken on the tube.


THAT’S DOGS FOR YOU A short sketch for the Festival of Brexit at the Cockpit Theatre about an Englishman undergoing a traumatic divorce who is walking his Irish Border dog.Featuring Howard Lee and Simon Holmes. Later expanded into a short film.

The Big Surprise was a multi-room performance event in my house featuring paper theatre from Sally Kindberg, electronic music from the Chamber Brothers (Mark Pilkington & Will Fowler), and performances from Michael Andrawis, Howard Lee, Rita Says and myself.

My piece was a magic performance involving a floating illuminated ball against a sound track mixed from classic science movies.


The Belief System was a project I ran at the Abandon Normal Devices Festival in Liverpool in 2010. Reality Management was a seminar featuring the late Mark Fisher (author of Capitalist Realism) and Mark Pilkington (which sparked off my collaboration on Mirage Men).

The rolling caption below is from that festival.



My HIPSTOCRATIC BEAT NIGHT was a celebration of beat culture - a combination of live poets, music and and extracts from classic beat movies. It took place twice - in The Oxford, Kentish Town and Toynbee Hall.

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