The Beach Beneath The Pavement

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And I can’t stand puppets. Dead things that stare at you and try to make you feel guilty

The Beach Beneath The Pavement has been revised, tightened and sharpened for a new age of austerity and confusion! Read a review here and here. The original 2009 edition is now extremely rare - if you have one, think yourself lucky

This revised 2011 edition is now available on Kindle and in paperback.

Order from your local bookshop! ISBN 9780956153517

‘Viruses are just information that knows how to reproduce. Some mutate into ideas. Then our brains get choked with them. Too much information.’

‘Two years ago people thought the descriptions of mass riots in the streets were nostalgic. Now they seem mildly prophetic, although I take no credit for any social unrest that followed the publication.’

Originally published in 2009, the new 2011 edition is now available on Kindle and in paperback. In tune with the times, Roland has made substantial cuts to the original manuscript.

‘I cut out a character that nobody liked, shaved down a sub-plot and added one new chapter. It was the least I could do contribute the nation’s current mood of despair and futility.’

‘I just preferred it when it was simpler. You know, when terrorists planted real bombs and peace protesters weren’t sponsored by ad agencies and drug dealers sold drugs without going on training courses and everything you touched and heard wasn’t part of some elaborate fucking PR operation… when the world wasn’t divided into those who don’t give a fuck about anything and smug bastards who think they’re in control…’’
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