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metamedia was a production company formed by Mike Stubbs and Roland Denning that ran from 1994 to 2005. The archive can be viewed here.

Another American Movie

1981/S8mm/ 12m 30s

In 1980 I travelled across the USA with a camera. Much of what I recorded was off the TV and radio (it was that kind of holiday).

The film is in 3 sections - Miss America, Sex Money & God and Mr. America. It was shot and edited on Super 8mm (hence no visual effects), audio mixed on 1/4” tape, then blown up to 16mm. This copy was digitised from VHS tape so don’t expect high quality. Or sophisticated content.

Voice Over

1983/16mm/105 mins

A low budget feature I shot for Chris Monger in 1983 released on October 24th 2011 by the BFI on  DVD and Blu-ray. It also includes the even lower budget feature REPEATER (1979) which I also shot.

For Chris I also filmed the TV drama CRIME PAYS (1986) as well as the TV arts specials THE MABINOGI (1983) and  THE PEOPLE SHOW IN STARWASHED (1984).

All the above were on standard 16mm.


A ‘scratch video’ made way back in 1987

TV commercials cut to a voodoo possession rhythm

2’ 38”

Edited on a 2-machine U-matic suite. All straight cuts.


Hidden History

20 mins 2011

A documentary following the production for three of the giant tableau photographs in Red Saunders' Hidden History project - The Peasants Revolt of 1381, Mary Wollstonecraft and John Ball, the hedgerow preacher - including their exhibition in the Museum of London. All the photographs are designed to throw light on hidden aspects of British social and political history. They are made possible by the volunteer labour of a huge number of professional and amateur technicians and performers.